Disclaimer: I am currently based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where I am extending my practice. In April 2020 I will be available for bookings in Stockholm again. In the meanwhile you can follow or contact me on Instagram @themovve.

Being influenced by Ajahn Khum Lee, Ajahn Pichest Boonthumme and many other therapists I had opportunity to share and study with, i had developed my own thai yoga massage practice. Please take the below listed products as a general guidance in terms of duration and style. I am always aiming to intuitively adjust to each client’s needs.

Relaxing thai yoga massage

Thai Yoga Massage

Client will receive full body traditional thai massage as performed in Thailand. Focus is on relaxation, stretching and pain relief in problematic areas. The massage includes pressure techniques and assisted yoga stretching poses for maximum relaxation and healing effect.

Acupressure Thai Massage

Acupressure Thai Massage

Acupressure therapy is customized for each client individually. The therapy is based on acupressure techniques working directly on muscles, connective tissues, tendons and nerves. The therapy is designed to remove blockages, promote circulation and energy flow, which will stimulates natural healing. The massage will be performed based on a client’s problem, such as stiff neck, headache, back pain, frozen sholder, pain in the hips, etc.

Chi Abdominal Massage

Abdominal Massage

Abdominal Massage is a powerful tool. The healing and revitalization is facilitated by clearing the organs from dysfunctions, stagnated energies (Chi, or Prana in sanskrit) and releasing unresolved emotions. Chi Abdominal Massage detoxifies and balances body’s vital functions and releases pains and symptoms associated with the internal organs. The massage involves using gentle, soft, and deep touch to the abdomen to detoxify, tonify and energize the internal organs.

Foot Reflexology
Tok.Sen therapy
Relaxing Oil Massage