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Hi, I’m Dusan!

First af all, thank you very much for stopping by MOVVE.

My name is Dusan. I am first and foremost a father to a 1 year old boy Simon, and also a thai massage therapist and a yoga teacher living and working in Stockholm.

I am very passionate and enthusiastic about everything to do with achieving pain free body. I am here to help you!

Thai Yoga Massage Education

After completing basic and advanced thai massage trainings and teacher training at Ong’s Thai Massage School in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I was lucky to meet Arjan Khum Lee with whom I continued my education and extended my practice. I have also assisted Arjan Khum Lee in facilitating his workshops and trainings at Wat Pan Waen in Chiang Mai.

Beside these trainings I had the opportunity to practice and learn from one of the greatest masters of thai massage still alive Arjan Pichest Boonthumme at his home in Hang Dong, Thailand, which I am very grateful for.


  • Basic Thai Massage (60h), Ong’s ThaiMassage School, Chiang Mai
  • Professional Thai Massage (80h), Ong’s ThaiMassage School, Chiang Mai
  • Teacher Training (150h), Ong’s ThaiMassage School, Chiang Mai
  • Elbow Thai Massage (30h), Ong’s ThaiMassage School, Chiang Mai
  • Acupressure Deep Tissue Thai Massage (60h), Wat Pan Waen, Chiang Mai
  • Advanced Acupressure (40h), Wat Pan Waen, Chiang Mai
  • Foot Reflexology (40h), Wat Pan Waen, Chiang Mai
  • Chi Abdominal Massage (80h), Wat Pan Waen, Chiang Mai

Yoga Education

My Hatha Yoga studies is from Akasha Yoga Academy in Ubud, Bali, where I completed Yoga Alliance accredited 200h yoga teacher training.


  • Hatha Yoga Instructor (200h), Akasha Yoga Academy, Ubud, Bali
virabhadrasana two, warrior two pose

A Few More Details About Me

As you can see above I hold multiple certifications in thai massage and yoga, but what really makes me stand out is hundreds of hours spent practicing and sharing knowledge with other like-minded thai massage therapists while I was based in Chiang Mai.

But, before immersing myself in the world of bodywork, I used to be a regular corporate person working in marketing department in a biotech industry in Copenhagen. I hold a Bachelor in Business and Marketing and MSc in Digital Marketing from Ireland.

It took me five years in the marketing industry to gather courage, and money, to break out and continue following my true passions. Since 2017 I have been spending most my time in South East Asia gathering knowledge and experience to bring and share in Stockholm, the city which I call my home right now.

I am also a husband, and a father to a cute baby boy Simon. Extra proud for my family!

Moreover, I played handball for 14 years and during the last few years my interest has shifted to triathlon, where swimming, cycling and running are combined. One can tell – sport is my life! Yoga and massage fits in here pretty nicely as it helps me maintain pain free body and I am more than happy to share my practice with you.

How can I Help You

After providing hundreds of thai massage treatment sessions, I can clearly see the negative effects of excessive sitting, emotional stress and lack of movement in my patients.

My aim is to show you the exact strategies that have significantly helped my patients eliminate their pain.

I myself have suffered severe back injury and conquered the pain. I would like to offer you the solutions that I and my patients have greatly benefited from.

Unfortunately, I cannot promise over-night results. The journey will probably be long and it requires patience and persistence.

But, I am sure I have the right methods and advices to help you achieve pain free body.

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