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Thai Yoga Massage
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Get the right thai yoga massage therapy, personal yoga program and/or relaxing massage to finally become pain free.

What is Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient bodywork, therapy and healing art which originates from ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine, particularly acupuncture. The same trigger points used in acupuncture are stimulated in thai massage but through applying pressure techniques on vital energy points, thus also called acupressure massage.

The idea of thai yoga massage is to remove blockages caused by stress, pain or illness by applying various acupressure and assisted yoga stretching techniques, bringing back natural health and freedom of movement.

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What to expect at MOVVE?

MOVVE is a thai massage home-studio in Bandhagen, Stockholm, created by Dusan experienced thai massage therapeut and hatha yoga teacher. Read more about Dusan.
In addition to the thai yoga massage Dusan can design and demonstrate a yoga program based on your condition for you to practice on your own. Persistence and patience are mandatory for achieving and maintaining a pain free body and this personalized yoga plan can help you tremendously.

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